The Headless Horror: County Index


ADAMS Winchester: petrified fish in tree 36 Betsy, Is That You? 218

ALLEN Allentown: Another Ghost Story 88 Lima: A Brave Engineer’s Ghostly Companions 101 Rockport: The Puma Outdone 159

ASHLAND Ashland: A Great Mirage 30

ASHTABULA A Queer Story 190 Conneaut: A Conneaut Ghost Story 214

ATHENS “Dead Man’s Hill:” phantom horseman 245

AUGLAIZE Freyburg: fake haunting 247 Wapakoneta: spirit horseman 244

BELMONT The Ghostly Tollkeeper 89 Martin’s Ferry: peculiar light anomalies 34 Think It is a Spook 243 Warren Township: An Ohio Ghost 151

BUTLER Hamilton: Is It McGinty? 128 Not Found, Pearl Bryan’s Head 232 Middletown: shower of frogs 36 Somerville: Real Spook 252 Union Township/Port Union: A Ghostly Hand 24

CARROLL Carrollton: volcano? 76

CHAMPAIGN Mechanicsburg: Saw a Fiery Hand 192

CLARK Catawba: Saw a Fiery Hand 192 Springfield: Regard Strange Music 195 Chords on a Piano 195 Saw Niece’s Ghost 247 disappearing lace medium 249

CLERMONT Bethel: witch weighed 111

CLINTON Blanchester: Everyone’s Afraid of This Hoodoo Chair 185

COLUMBIANA Hammondsville: A Strange Discovery 77 Homeworth: Ghost Story 216 Leetonia: A Haunted Jail 47 Salem: Witchcraft in Salem 109 Believe in the “Evil Eye” 109

COSHOCTON Coshocton: That Vision 33 Apparition in Western Heavens 33 Coughs up Live Frog 66

CRAWFORD A Restless Spirit 92 Todd Township: Haunted Houses 20 Ghost-Hunting 22 Whetstone Township: Only Man Ever Killed by a Meteor 41

CUYAHOGA Chagrin Falls: Wrought Up Over Strange Manifestations 252 Cleveland: Cleveland’s Lively Ghosts 1 A Vesper Smoke Disturbed 42 From the Lake 43 Spook, Banshee or Murderer? 62 Lizards Found in Girl’s Stomach 65 Saw a “Ghost” in the Tunnel 121Death Follows “The Black Lady” 145A Vigorous Spook 169 Haunted Clock 193 Declare Ghost Midnight Guest 203

DARKE Arcanum: Wonderful Phenomenon 39

DELAWARE Concord Township: After Forty Years 94 Delaware: A Wicked Ghost 213

FAIRFIELD Lancaster: Ghostly Coffin Maker 124 Another Ghost Story 134

FRANKLIN Columbus: Ghost Scare Worked Well 48 Craven Becomes the Desperado 49 Haunted By Murderers’ Spirits 54 Death Picture in Dark Cell 58 A Live Frog in a Woman’s Stomach 66 A Green Cat 81 Every Night The Spooks Haunt Her 98 Ghosts Rule His Wife 199 Sees Ghost Enact Murder 244 Has No Head 248 Sky Scraper Hoodooed 251 Linden: Heard Strange Noises at Night 5Shadesville: ghost kicking chimneys 248

GREENE Bellbrook: Strange Heavenly Phenomena 39 Xenia: Strange Freak 79 Angry Ghosts 142

GUERNSEY Cambridge: woman in white 252

HAMILTON Cincinnati: A Pretty Fish Story Spoiled 37 Obeyed the Witches 112 Witchcraft Not Dead 114 Have We Witches Among Us? 116 Phantom Appears in Bloody Robe 127 A Weird Experience 200 Lively Spook 204 “The Headless Horror: Poor, Pitiful Pearl Bryan” 221 woman in white 247 Sedamsville: Haunted 56Wyoming: fish fall 36

HANCOCK Findlay: A Strange Phenomenon 31Shower of Frogs 36 Findlay Cave 76

HARDIN Kenton: Busy Ghost in Ohio 210

HENRY Napoleon: Simon Girty’s Ghost 133

HIGHLAND Taylorsville: Very Like a Whale 44

HOLMES Millersburg: Spirits and Spooks 18

HURON New London: Snake, eel, frog, and fish fall 35

JACKSON Wellston: Old Warwick 144

JEFFERSON Empire: A Drummer’s Yarn 138 Steubenville: Woman in White scare 167

KNOX COUNTY Academia: Strange Apparition of a Man 139 Miller Township: Apparition in Western Heavens 33 Mount Vernon: woman with snake in stomach 66 An Ohio Ghost 9 flying ghost 250

LAKE ERIE From the Lake 43 “Viciously Sparkling Eyes” 71Optical Illusion on Lake Erie 157 A Mystery on the Lakes 157 Planchette follies 198

LAWRENCE cow burned to chase witches 105

LICKING Newark: hand in the sky 30 Shower of frogs 36 Newark has a ghost 243

LOGAN Lewiston: “Phantom Dog” 119

LORAIN Henrietta Township: unlucky farm 7 Lorain: Spooks? Ohio City will Investigate 205 Oberlin: The Ghostly Forms of Five Young Ladies 171 Oberlin Has a Ghost 243

LUCAS The Haunted Hotel 206 Monclova: “Old Truepenny” 163 Richfield Center: Witchcraft Scare 107Demon Cat 108 Toledo: Saw City in a Mirage 29

MAHONING Struthers: Haunted Tracks 246 Youngstown: The French Governess 173 Howard Harroff sees ghost of victim 245 young woman ghost on railroad 250 ghost prank 250

MARION Marion: Mouse in woman’s stomach 67 Prospect/Middletown: A Jury and a Ghost 9

MEDINA The Medina County Murderess 97

MIAMI Piqua: giant ghost 245

MONTGOMERY The Cry of a Baby 212 Dayton: A Much Valued Whetstone 78

MUSKINGUM Chandlersville: Says Live Toad Found in Rock 69 Toad in Stone Brings Fame 69 Coaldale: Miner Scared to Death 248 Zanesville: A Ghost with a Grievance 251

NOBLE McConnelsville: It’s a Hoodoo 4

OHIO RIVER A Shower of Fish 38

PAULDING Arthur: A Restless Ghost 245

PICKAWAY Circleville: Circleville has a ghost 244

PIKE Cooperville: A Haunted House 26

PORTAGE Ravenna: I’ll Come Back 83

PUTNAM Columbus Grove: Guard Placed at Arnold House 160

RICHLAND Plymouth Township: two-headed snake 71

ROSS Bainbridge/Copperas Mountain: Is It a Volcano? 72 Has Ohio a Volcano? 73 Willard Hayes Says 74

SCIOTO Maysville: hack-driver’s ghost 252 Portsmouth: A Musical Spook 189 “Spirits” Play on Organ 215

SENECA Flat Rock: Flat Rock News 217 Tiffin: Heavy Shower of Snails 37

SHELBY Assisting the Spirits 130 Hetzer’s Corners: Purple Lights Puzzle Farmers 149

STARK Alliance: Rain of angle worms 36 Found a Meteorite 41 Witchcraft in Salem 109 Believe in the “Evil Eye” 109 Canal Fulton: organ playing ghost 250 Canton: An Ohio Ghost 57 John McCurdy’s Ghost 95 Harrisburg: The Gold Ghost 152 Lawrence: The Mysterious Photograph 191 Navarre: Live Frog in a Rock 68

SUMMIT Akron: Bewitched 113 A Strange Thing 197 Barberton: Policeman Plays Ghost 250

TRUMBULL Vernon: Ghosts along the Border 150

TUSCARAWAS Canal Dover: ghost jumps off bridge 250 Mineral Point: Ghostly Movements 123 New Philadelphia: haunted well 248 Newcomerstown: howling ghost 251 Sandy Township: Ghosts and Hob-Goblins in Court 9

UNION Unionville: Katy’s Curse 7

VAN WERT A Haunted Cabin 4 Pleasant Point: headless apparition 249

WARREN Lebanon: Rain of shot from hardware store ceiling 161 Morrow: Settled the Ghost 17 Waynesville: Angry Ghosts 142

WAYNE Mount Eaton: Ghost in an Ohio Farmhouse 165

WILLIAMS Lockport: An Early Unidentified Flying Object 45

WOOD Bowling Green: An Ohio Apparition 121 Perry Township: Feeding Upon Graves 80

WYANDOT A Restless Spirit 92 Harpster: Haunted Home of “Ohio Wool King” 87 Upper Sandusky: The Ghost of Colonel Crawford 244