Interesting People

His Evil Idol

His Evil Idol A man receives an Aztec idol said to be cursed. Calamity ensues, although why the idol was blamed is unclear.

The Silent Circumnavigator

The Silent Circumnavigator Kansas ventriloquist George J. Mold takes up a wager to don a clown suit and travel around the world in four years, without saying a word–except through his ventriloquist dummies.

What is a Fairy Blast?

What is a fairy blast? A comparison between a Limerick servant girl struck by a “fairy blast” that turned her into her American-accented sister and the Watseka Wonder case.

Dermographia on Face and Knee

Dermographia on Face and Knee Today we peer into the face of Mrs. Marcil of St. Jean Baptiste, Manitoba, Canada, and onto the–well, knee–of a French schoolgirl for some mysterious markings.

Superfluous Snakes

Superfluous Snakes Today is the birthday of Charles Hoy Fort and what better way to celebrate than with a shower of snakes?

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