Sky Mysteries

President Garfield’s Heavenly Escort

The deaths of rulers are often predicted or memorialized by Things in the Sky. Within a month of President James A Garfield’s death, some Demarva visionaries saw Garfield in Glory, escorted to his Heavenly reward by an honor guard of angels.

The Madonna in the Moon

Any sky-gazing culture has traditions about faces or figures in the moon: the proverbial Man, a hare, two children carrying water, a thief laden with cabbages or sticks. A lady miniature artist of Boston, a woman of keen, albeit sentimental vision, had a startling night-sky revelation in 1906 of the Madonna of Seven Moons.

The Death-Curse of the Great Hunter

The Death Curse of the Great Hunter. A hunter with a mania for slaughtering wild animals is marked for a terrible revenge.

The Flagman and the Skeleton: A Vision in the Sun

The Flagman and the Skeleton: A Vision in the Sun From the time of the War of 1812 comes a story of an unusually vivid three-day vision of a man with a flag and a skeleton, observed by many onboard HMS Majestic, then lying off Boston.

Encore: John Van Valkenburg and His Mysterious Wonderplane

In 1917 John Van Valkenburg, a Salt Lake City inventor, announced that he had conquered the laws of gravity and had an aircraft that could fly from Salt Lake City to the Pacific Coast and back in a night. It was reported that he had taken it to Washington and then turned it over to the US government for use in the War effort. Then, suddenly, Van Valkenburg found himself on trial.

Pillars of Light and Mysterious Illuminations

It’s that time of year when mysterious pillars of light brighten the winter sky. Three examples of mystery lights and pillars.

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