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Old Jokes’ Home Celebrating Tell an Old Joke Day with Victorian gallows humor, cholera jokes, puns, and heartlessness.

The Spirit of Mary Surratt

The Spirit of Mary Surratt The spirit of Mary Surratt is believed to haunt her old boarding house and was said to have returned to write a bitter message during an 1890s séance slate-writing session.

The Elf-Shot Spaniel

The Elf-Shot Spaniel A curious dog is elf-shot by grotesque Irish fairies after straying into their territory.

The Spectral Well of Virginia

The Spectral Well of Virginia It began playfully, with a fortune-telling game: hold a mirror over a well and you will see the face of your future husband. But the young woman on her father’s Virginia plantation never dreamed of the ghostly sights and strange visions that would arise from those waters

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