The Medium’s Valentine

The Medium's Valentine. Shaker Valentine hearts hand-drawn in 1844 under the influence of a spirit by Polly Reed. What we would call "channeled."

The Medium’s Valentine Shaker Valentine hearts hand-drawn in 1844 under the influence of a spirit by Polly Reed–what we would call “channeled” works.

There was a┬áspecies of Victorian valentine called the “occupational” valentine, which directed verses, sentimental or caustic, to a particular trade or occupation. I posted this week on Mrs Daffodil about undertaker valentines and was delighted to discover this valentine verse that would make any medium a happy medium.


Since one fatal evening

I have loved you well,

That was when I found you

Soft and spirituelle.

Sitting in the darkness

Of that seance-room,

Spirits making faces,

Wafting sweet perfume.

Tables pirouetting

Seemed to say to me,

“All life’s tables henceforth

Turned you soon shall see.”

Such the spirit message,

And I prized it well,

Binding us together,

Dear Spirituelle!

Sure a fitting title,

In thy lustrous eyes,

Highest spheral spirits

May materialise.

You and I are one, love,

To our being’s core,

Bound in links magnetic,

Always en rapport.

Life shall be a seance,

Whether dark or light,

Where your influence falls, love,

Everything is bright.

Since I gained your heart, dear,

O so highly prized,

All bad spirits from mine are

Daily exorcised.

Love Lyrics and Valentine Verses, 1875

A happy Valentine’s Day to all; may you find your Affinity!

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