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A Grave Warning About Iron Coffins

A Grave Warning About Iron Coffins While sellers of Fisk metallic burial cases rhapsodized about their ability to preserve the features of loved ones, these iron coffins had a darker side associated with burial alive.

Know When to Hold ’em: Waiting Mortuaries in Connecticut?

Know When to Hold ’em: Waiting Mortuaries in Connecticut? An account of a proposal from Bridgeport, Connecticut, for an organization that would hold the bodies of the dead until they showed unmistakable signs of decomposition–in the interest of preventing burial alive.

The Corpse Wanted Help: The Horrors of Being Buried Alive

The Victorians feared the Resurrection Man, but they feared premature burial more. Today we lift the lid on stories of burial alive and find the subject seething with maggots of horror. What is it like to hear those clods falling on your coffin lid while you are helpless, trapped….

The Club of Queer Trades: For Labor Day

The Club of Queer Trades In honor of Labor Day, we present some peculiar professions of the past. We can take prostitution, bodysnatching, and murder as read, but what about a professional Ray of Sunshine? A professional suicide? A professional Scandal-monger? A dog’s tailor? A parrot’s linguist? Or (you think you hate YOUR job) a woman who is paid to be fired?