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Butterflies of Doom

Butterflies of Doom For all its reputation as a symbol of the soul, the butterfly is not often found as a death omen. Perhaps it is more a conductor of souls.

A Prolonged Wail of Horror: A Banshee in England

A Prolonged Wail of Horror: A Banshee in England As a rule, however, the Banshee is not seen, it is only heard, and it announces its advent in a variety of ways; sometimes by groaning, sometimes by wailing, and sometimes by uttering the most blood-curdling of screams, which I can only liken to the screams a woman might make if she were being done to death in a very cruel and violent manner….

Sad Stories of the Death of Kings

Sad Stories of the Death of Kings Telling sad stories of the death of kings on this anniversary of the execution of King Charles I of England with three tales of portents of his sad end.

Silas Told and the Devil-Fish

Silas Told and the Devil-Fish A ripping yarn from a Methodist convert. An intriguing tale of nameless poisons, the Devil, and a strange horned creature following the ship as a kind of marine psychopomp.

The Phantom Coffin-Maker – A Death Omen

The Phantom Coffin-Maker – A Death Omen There are many noises believed to presage death: birds tapping on windows, the death-watch beetle, howling dogs, crashes or knockings–and the sounds of a coffin being made. We’ve previously discussed the sights and sounds of the phantom funeral. Today we look at the sounds of the phantom coffin makers–well-known as a death omen.

Phantom Funerals

You are walking in the twilight when you see a funeral procession approaching. You see the coffin on the shoulders of the bearers, the mourners following in their black clothes. You stand aside to let them pass. And then they disappear. You have seen a phantom funeral and it is an omen of death.

Tokens of Death: Owls, Cats, and Phantom Funerals

As I said in a recent post on an Indiana Banshee, “tokens of death” were a frequent theme in the ghost stories of the past. These death-omens could be anything from a prophetic dream, a vision of a phantom funeral, headless apparitions or women in white ghosts, a familiar disembodied voice calling one’s name, a crown of feathers in a pillow or mattress, dogs howling, or mysterious lights.

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