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Painting in the Dark with Raphael

Painting in the Dark with Raphael Painting in the dark was only part of the artistic talents of Mr. Abel Taylor, psychic artist, who worked under the influence of the painter Raphael.

Hark! The Herald Angels Help: 3 Angelic Visitations

The holidays (or perhaps more accurately, holiday films) are a time for heartwarming depictions of helpful angels: Clarence, the Angel Second Class of It’s a Wonderful Life and Cary Grant’s debonair Dudley of The Bishop’s Wife spring to mind. Here are stories of three angelic visitations, two of dubious helpfulness.

Shell Mischief: A Spiritualist Issues a Warning of Danger from the Sea

An English Spiritualist performs a number of psychometric experiments in “Shell Mischief” with young ladies in darkened rooms. Of these experiments he wrote: “I draw the special attention of the medical profession to the serious physical injury many delicate persons receive, especially females; from the very common, very natural, and English-like custom of placing specimens of minerals, crystals, and shells upon the sitting-room tables and elsewhere.”