#1104 Haunting Tales from the Tree City [Kent, Ohio]


Haunting Tales from the Tree City, Kent Historical Society, wraps, $9.00

Based on the Kent Historical Society ghost walk, this delightful booklet shares local history and first-person stories. Ghosts in the Projection Room at the Kent Stage. “Woody”, the Theatre guardian. The haunted tunnels of downtown Kent. The ghosts of the dramatic Kent Mansion, now the Masonic Temple. It was here that Mrs. William Kent, “Kittie”, was burned by a kerosene stove explosion and died the next day, age 35. Her tragic death has become the basis of many ghost sightings in the building. A mysterious photo at the Carnegie Library. The ghostly Gerty the Cook at Ray’s Place, which is also haunted, most bizarrely, by a ghostly moose whose head hangs in the bar. Charlie, the Pufferbelly Restaurant ghost, who wears a hat like a railroad stationmaster. A woman who saw two little boys dressed in the style of the 19-teens or 20s on the banks of the Cuyahoga River—time warp? Or ghosts?