#1118 Haunted Marietta, History and Mystery in Ohio’s Oldest City


Haunted Marietta, History and Mystery in Ohio’s Oldest City, Lynne Sturtevant, 2010, 128 pp, photos, Trade PB $19.99

Haunted Marietta: History and Mystery in Ohio’s Oldest City explores the supernatural side of the state’s first settlement. Visit a crumbling 1855 mansion whose original owner still roams the halls, sit in the plush red seats of an abandoned theatre and climb an ancient Indian burial mound. Encounter river pirates, fugitive slaves, an axe murderer, jealous lovers and inept morticians. Haunted Marietta delves into various types of otherworldly phenomena, examines the difference between ghost stories and reports of supernatural activity and discusses why certain people become spirits. From an 1815 goblin sighting to a bartender’s brush with the unexplained, local author Lynne Sturtevant covers these sites, people, and more: The Anchorage, Rufus Putnam, The Galley Restaurant, Marietta’s many floods, Harmar, Buckley’s Island and river phantoms, the Castle, Conus Mound and Mound Cemetery, The Unitarian Church, The Wieser Building, The Lafayette Hotel, Front Street, The Levee House Café, Mid-Ohio Valley Players’ Theatre, The Betsey Mills Club