Ghost Stories of Lawrence County

Lori Shafer, 2009, 140 pp, photos, index, see link below for price.

Starting with the riveting true story of Dr. Joseph Lowry, the disemboweled doctor who haunts the Ironton Library, built on the site of his former home, the book moves on to shorter tales of ghosts in Woodland Cemetery, ghosts in schools, roads, and hospitals. Most of these stories are stories passed down through generations in the Ironton area. Miss Castner’s House, where the walls bled. Picturesque Gray House, haunted by abolitionist Dr. John Rankin. The couple brought together in marriage by Spiritualist medium Mrs. Blake—and who quickly divorced, realizing that the spirits were toying with them. This is a delightful look at the ghostlore of a part of Ohio that is frequently overlooked.

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