Headless Brides and Devil Dogs, Exploring Southern Ohio’s Haunted Roads and Bridges

David Alan Scott, 2009, photos, glossary, 111 pp, Trade PB

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An exceptionally thoughtful, well-researched, and well-written book on an unusual subject: Ohio’s road ghosts. Starting with Dead Man’s Curve in Clermont County, the state’s number one spot for deadly auto accidents, Scott moves on to Native American sites, parks, Tiny Town, Hangman’s Hollow, the Oxford ghost motorcycle, Spooky Hollow Road, The Screaming Bridge, and The Highway to Heaven where the author had his own near-death experience. The chapters include directions to public sites and cautions about visiting. Stories from Clermont, Hamilton, and Butler Counties.

The author is a skeptic in the best sense of the word—far from being a simple debunker of the paranormal, Scott has taken the time to search out the hidden histories behind many of these luridly-named sites and suggest possible reasons for their hauntings as well as collecting some great legends and local folklore. My only complaint is that I hated to come to the end of this book and wanted many more Ohio haunted road ghost stories! This is one of the best of this season’s new ghost books and I hope to see more from the author.

Ohio has always been a place of mystery. For decades, tales have been told of haunted roads, bridges, and other roadside scariness. Ride along with the author as he explores some of the most mysterious of these locations. Search for phantom motorcycles near Oxford. Look for albino demons in Indian Hill and ghostly children in Rapid Run Park. What really happened at these places? Are the stories true? Find out as we take an open-minded look at local legends. With a combination of historical research and scientific paranormal investigations we will dig for the truth behind each story, visit each site, and try to separate the facts from the rumors. Illustrated with dozens of photos taken on location, this book gives you a close look at the legends and the forgotten history behind them. What started the legends? Are these places really haunted? You may find out that the truth is even stranger than you thought.