Individuals: Buying From This Site

This is information on individuals who would like to purchase books. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS, PLEASE NOTE: Free shipping is for United States purchases only.  With a few exceptions, we are happy to ship internationally.  Please contact us at with your shipping details so that we can send you a Paypal invoice with the proper shipping. International rates vary from $35-$75, depending on service and size and weight of the package.

Please see your local bookstore first and ask them if they carry or can order the Haunted Ohio books you’d like. The Haunted Ohio series and the Ghosts of the Past series are also available through If you want a personalized, autographed copy (copies in stores and on Amazon may or may not be autographed), you can purchase with a credit card on Paypal through the order page on this website, click here. Just specify the name you would like autographed. We must charge Ohio state sales tax to any books being shipped to an Ohio address.

If you prefer, you can mail in this printable order form. The one in the link at the head of the page is outdated.