18th century

The Actress and the Phantom Musketeer

In part two of this story of a phantom persecuting a famous French actress, things are about to get worse. As if having senses-stunning shrieks coming out of nowhere wasn’t bad enough, Mademoiselle Clarion found herself the victim of an even more threatening type of mystery assault.

Clarion Calls: An Actress’s Shrieking Phantom

We return again to eighteenth-century France in the first of a two-part story of post-mortem obsession, of an ongoing banshee-like persecution, and of a phantom shooter.

The Man in the Hide: Western Island Oracles

The Man in the Hide: Western Island Oracles Today we look at some oracular methods from the Hebrides featuring mysterious creatures and a terrifying night ritual. Cows, cats, and little creatures from the sea.

L’affaire des franges – A Versailles Mystery

L’affaire des franges – A Versailles Mystery At Versailles, an audacious theft from the Sun King; and an inexplicable event at the King’s dinner.

The Sun King’s Death in a Glass of Water

The Sun King’s Death in a Glass of Water A group of aristocrats play a dangerous game bordering on treason in 18th-century France: asking a scryer to envision the circumstances of the Sun King’s death in a glass of water. And the Duc d’Orleans got more than he bargained for when he asked to have his own future revealed.

Spring-heeled Jack Strikes Again?

That masterful researcher Mike Dash brought us an extraordinary collection of stories of the devilish Victorian entity, Spring-heeled Jack. Here are a few reports of similar entities from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Plague Shawl

The Plague Shawl The history of disease is filled with cases of contagion spread by textiles. Was the 1878-79 Russian Plague caused by an infected shawl? Could a smallpox survive a year in the folds of a shawl, then kill?

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