Dead as a Doornail – The Carpenter of Doom

Dead as a Doornail -The Carpenter of Doom Over the space of a lifetime, a man was haunted by recurring visits from a mysterious carpenter, whose presence meant death.

An Overwhelming Odour of Corruption

An Overwhelming Odour of Corruption was the main feature of the haunting of “Holly Cottage” The stench of corruption, flabby hands, spitting in the dark, and the sound of a coffin being moved. No wonder the rent was so low.

Old Jokes’ Home

Old Jokes’ Home Celebrating Tell an Old Joke Day with Victorian gallows humor, cholera jokes, puns, and heartlessness.

A Charm from Cheltenham

A Charm from Cheltenham A charm from Cheltenham is given to a young RAF flier who immediately recovers his lost nerve and, despite many crashes, lives a charmed life

The Elf-Shot Spaniel

The Elf-Shot Spaniel A curious dog is elf-shot by grotesque Irish fairies after straying into their territory.

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