The Hairwork Bracelet

The Hairwork Bracelet A hairwork bracelet is materialized from the spirit world at Christmas.

The Rector’s Ghost

The Rector’s Ghost The ghost of a long-serving rector appears in his old church at Christmas.

The Groaning Thanksgiving Board

The Groaning Thanksgiving Board. There is much to groan about in this collection of toxic Thanksgiving foodstuffs.

Ghosts Counting Oranges

Ghosts Counting Oranges In 1908 The Metropolitan Psychical Society offered $5,000 to any medium who could get the ghosts to count the oranges spilled behind him.

A Casket 300 Feet Long

A Casket 300 Feet Long A casket 300 feet long would be required to bring back the remains of all the US soldiers who died in the Great War in France.

The Death of the Queen of Bohemia

The Death of the Queen of Bohemia Writer Zoe Anderson Norris, the Queen of Bohemia, is warned by the ghost of her mother that she is next to follow her in death.

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