Halloween Mystery Box of Ghost Books Offer

Halloween Mystery Box of Ghost Books Offer Library Skelly by Jessica Wiesel, @copyright 1995

Halloween Mystery Box of Ghost Books Offer Library Skelly by Jessica Wiesel, @copyright 1995

Get ’em while they’re haunt!

Paypal address for payment:  invisiblei@aol.com


I had such a good response to this offer that I did another sweep of the shelves, just in time for the holidays.

As some of you may know, I used to edit the now-defunct Invisible Ink: Books on Ghosts & Hauntings catalog. Normally I try not to be this shamelessly commercial, but I’m doing an inventory clear-out. Check out this special, very limited-time offer:

Large Mystery Box: $54.50 shipped to Ohio addresses. $50 shipped to addresses outside Ohio. (Have to charge tax for Ohio.) You will get an assortment of as many books on ghosts and hauntings from the USA and the British Isles as I can fit into a Large Flat Rate Priority US Mail Box —depending on book size, that’s at least 20-25 books. I’m estimating (from cover prices), the books will be at least a $200 value. The box will contain at least one book from the Haunted Ohio series from my “slightly-shelf-worn” stash, signed by me.

You don’t get to choose the books—I just surprise you and who doesn’t like surprises?  These are nearly all NEW and UNUSED books on ghosts and hauntings, mostly trade paperbacks, although there are a few hardbacks, a few mass market paperbacks, and a few used items in good condition. See below for a sampling of titles. I promise not to duplicate any titles in your selection. And when they’re gone, they’re gone!

If you or your ghost-hunting organization are assembling a library or buying holiday presents for a ghost-crazy family, this is a golden opportunity! Order several boxes and I will ensure that there are no duplicates.

Fine print:

1) Shipping to Continental USA only. No pick-up. [If you’re overseas, contact me and we’ll see what I can do. This size box ships for $87, alas.  If you wanted several boxes, M-Bag class might be a more economical option.]

2)  Paypal payment only. Paypal address: invisiblei@aol.com   PLEASE include the address where you would like the books shipped and what name you’d like in your autographed book.

3) OHIO BUYERS: I’ve added the 7.5% sales tax above.

5) No returns; no exchanges

6) If you were one of the wise people who took advantage of this offer when it was first offered in January 2016, there’s no guarantee you won’t get some duplicates unless you send me a list of what you originally received. I’ll do my best, but can’t promise no dups.

Questions? Chriswoodyard8 AT gmail.com


Just a few of the titles available; selection may vary:

Ghosts and Legends of Frederick Co

Ghosts and Legends of Cambridgeshire

Ghosts and Mysteries of the Old West

Ghosts and Other Mysteries [Pennsylvania] Fiedel

Ghosts and Witches, Day

Ghosts of Boston Town

Ghosts of Charlottesville & Lynchburg

Ghosts of East Anglia

Ghosts of Galena

Ghosts of Georgetown

Ghosts of Gettysburg III

Ghosts of Key West

Ghosts of Richmond

Ghosts of St. Augustine

Ghosts of the Garden State II

Ghosts of the Garden State III

Ghosts of the Haunted Coast

Ghosts of the Northeast

Ghosts of the Old West

Ghosts of Tidewater

Ghosts of Virginia

Ghosts of Virginia Vol. 2

Haunted Houses, Harper

Haunted Houses Hurwood

Haunted Houses Kettlekamp

Haunted Houses of California

Haunted Houses of Great Britain

Haunted Houses USA Riccio

Haunted Inns and Taverns

Haunted Inns of New England

Haunted Jersey Shore

Haunted Lancaster Col. PA

Haunted Minnesota

Haunted Places of Scotland

Haunted Pram

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