A New Year’s Parade of the Damned

A New Year’s Parade of the Damned [New Year’s card, Charles R Knight, 1922]

At the close of an exhausting 2017, I wish all of my readers a fabulous, fantastical, and Fortean New Year!

Here is a New Year’s Parade of the Damned: some of the most popular posts from the past year:

Calico Soup  or how to block a witch’s curse.

Past Praying For: Something Sinister in a Field Two women see a hideous flaming entity.

Belt and Switch: Spanking Machines Through History Self-explanatory. The only one of my posts that has ever generated obscene phone calls.

Wild Men of North Wales A Spiritualist believes she has summoned the spirits of ancient primitive men.

Kiss the Corpse and Then You Die Gruesome deaths arising from the custom of kissing the dead.

The Burbank Bat Light  A strangely sentient spook light in California.

Bad Taste in Funeral Flowers.  My guest post on Mrs Daffodil Digresses. With shocking illustrations

The Rolling Shot Ghost Civil soldiers haunted by a bizarre rolling Thing.

Eating Holy Clay  The squirm-making perils of treating physical and spiritual ailments with grave dirt.

The Voluntary Lunatic  A lady Spiritualist gives unique advice on how not to get committed for lunacy.

Transparent Fiction: The Myth of the Victorian Tear Bottle  An analysis of Victorian/Edwardian texts on these contentious objects.

Miss Neas’s Bones of Contention  A lady’s bizarre claims that she shed bones through her skin.

Here, Mr Hotfoot  The Devil’s fiery footprints in Rowley Regis

Chris Woodyard is the author of The Victorian Book of the Dead, The Ghost Wore Black, The Headless Horror, The Face in the Window, and the 7-volume Haunted Ohio series. She is also the chronicler of the adventures of that amiable murderess Mrs Daffodil in A Spot of Bother: Four Macabre Tales. The books are available in paperback and for Kindle. Indexes and fact sheets for all of these books may be found by searching hauntedohiobooks.com. Join her on FB at Haunted Ohio by Chris Woodyard or The Victorian Book of the Dead. And visit her newest blog, The Victorian Book of the Dead.

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