Ohio Ghost Books: A Bibliography

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Ohio Ghost Books: A Bibliography

(plus a few videos/dvds)


We carry many of these books at www.hauntedohiobooks.com. Some are out of print. Ask us to find you a nice used copy.


And if we’ve missed any, please let us know.


Big Book of Ohio Ghost Stories, James A. Willis, 2013

The Buxton Inn [videorecording]: America’s Most Ghostly Country Inn / CN Time Production, 2004


Cincinnati Ghosts and Other Tri-State Haunts, Karen Laven, 2008

Cincinnati Haunted Handbook, Jeff Morris, Michael Morris, 2010

Cleveland Ghosts: Nights of the Working Dead in the Modern Midwest, Charles Cassady, Jr, 2008

Columbus Ghosts: Historical Haunts of Ohio’s Capital, Robin Smith, 2002

Columbus Ghosts II: More Central Ohio Haunts, Robin Smith, 2003


Dayton Ghosts, Karen Laven, 2009

Devils, Ghosts, & Witches: Occult Folklore of the Upper Ohio Valley, George Swetnam, Helene Smith, 1988

EVP Chronicles, Vol. 1, John Gruber, 2011 [Brownella Cottage investigation.]


Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide to Ohio, Michelle Colson, 2007

Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Haunted Ohio, Chris Woodyard, 2000

Ghost Hunting Adventures of the Central Ohio Ghost Squad, Edward Konkler, ND

Ghost Stories of Lawrence County, Lori Shafer, 2009

Ghost Stories of Ohio, Edrick Thay, 2001

Ghosthunting Ohio, John Kachuba, 2004

Ghosthunting Ohio: On the Road Again, John Kachuba, 2011

Ghostly Galion, Rachel Turany Mendell,

Ghostly Tales of Lake Erie Accounts of Ghosts, Spirits and Spooks Along the Shores of Lake Erie, Jo Lela Pope Kimber, 2005

Ghosts! Helen Meredith, Coshocton, 1967

Ghosts Along the Tuscarawas, Jessica King and Stephen Kelleher, [expanded version of Ghosts of the Magic City], 2010

The Ghosts Among Us, Darke, Randolph, & Preble Counties, Rita Arnold, 2008

Ghosts and Legends of Lake Erie’s North Coast, Victoria King Heinsen, 2010

Ghosts and Legends of Southeastern Ohio and Beyond: Tales of Legends, Hauntings, and the Unexplained, Lawrence Everett, 2003

Ghosts in the Valley!: Ghost lore of Muskingum, Morgan, Coshocton, Guernsey, and Tuscarawas counties, Ohio, Gary Felumlee, 1998

Ghosts of Cincinnati : the dark side of the Queen City,Teri Casper and Dan Smith, 2009

Ghosts of Darke County, Rita Arnold, 2003

Ghosts of Darke County II, Rita Arnold, 2004

Ghosts of Darke County III, Rita Arnold, 2005

Ghosts of Darke County IV, Rita Arnold, 2007

Ghosts of Historic Delaware, Ohio, John B. Ciochetty, 2010

Ghosts of Lake & Ashtabula Counties in Ohio, K.J. Waltemire, 2009

Ghosts of Marietta, Mysteries, Apparitions and Hauntings of the First Permanent Settlement in the Northwest Territory, Connie Cartmell, 1996

Ghosts of Ohio’s Lincoln Highway, Bruce Carlson, 2010

The Ghosts of Stuyvesant Hall and Beyond, John B. Ciochetty, 2007

Ghosts of the Magic City, [Barberton] S.E. Kelleher, 2007

Ghosts of the North Coast: Legends, Tales and Haunted Places of Northern Ohio, Doug B. Dziama

Ghosts of the Ohio River from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati, Bruce Carlson, 2005

The Ghosts of Western Ohio: Intriguing tales from Allen, Auglaize, Champaign, Darke, Mercer, Preble, Shelby, and Warren Counties, Rita Arnold, 2009

The Ghosts of Zoar, Ohio. Volume I, Ann Swain & Betty O’Neill-Roderick, 2005

Ghosts, Spirits and Legends of Southeastern Ohio, Lawrence Everett, 2002

Ghosts, Too: The Supernatural in Ordinary Lives, Joanne Gamblee, 2006

Guide to Ohio University Ghosts & Legends, Craig Tremblay, 2007


Hants and Hangings: Stories of the Odd, Bizarre, the Sensational, in Area Early Folklore, compiled by F.A. Morgan, 1976

Haunted Akron, Ohio, Jeri Holland, Ken Summers, 2011

Haunted Chillicothe, True Ghost Stories, Tales, Legends and Folklore, Neal Parks, 2010

Haunted Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio [also known as Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio’s Haunted Memories], Jeff Morris, Michael A. Morris, 2009

Haunted Cleveland, Beth A. Richards, Chuck L. Gove, 2015

Haunted Cuyahoga: Spirits of the Valley, Ken Summers, 2006

A Haunted History of Clermont County, Ohio, Richard Crawford, 2006

A Haunted History of Columbus, Ohio, Nellie Kampmann, 2011

The Haunted History of the Ohio State Reformatory, Sherri Brake, 2010

Haunted Hocking: A Ghost Hunter’s Guide to the Hocking Hills–and Beyond, Jannette Quackenbush, Patrick Quackenbush, 2010

Haunted Houses: Spooky Tales of Yellow Springs as Told By Harold Igo, Rebecca Eschliman, Editor, 2001

Haunted Marietta: History and Mystery in Ohio’s Oldest City, Lynne Sturtevant, 2010

Haunted Marion, Ohio, Josh Simpkins, 2011

Haunted Miami Valley, Ohio, Jennifer Eblin, 2010

Haunted Ohio: Ghostly Tales from the Buckeye State, Chris Woodyard, 1991

Haunted Ohio II: More Ghostly Tales from the Buckeye State, Chris Woodyard, 1992

Haunted Ohio III: Still More Ghostly Tales from the Buckeye State, Chris Woodyard, 1994

Haunted Ohio IV: Restless Spirits, Chris Woodyard, 1997

Haunted Ohio V: 200 Years of Ghosts, Chris Woodyard, 2003

Haunted Ohio: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Buckeye State, Charles A. Stansfield Jr., 2008

Haunted Portsmouth: Tales of the Boneyfiddle District, A Mystorical Account of Portsmouth Ohio, Samantha Meadows & Ryan Snyder, 2007

Haunted Stark County: A Ghoulish History, Sherri Brake, 2009

Haunted Willoughby, Ohio, Cathi Weber, 2010

Haunting Tales from Fairfield County, [Fairfield County District Library] 1981

Haunting Tales from the Tree City [Kent, Ohio], Kent Historical Society, 2007

Haunting Valley: a collection of strange supernatural spectral stories from the Chagrin Valley / researched and edited by Bill Devol, Michael Seese, 2008

Headless Brides and Devil Dogs, Exploring Southern Ohio’s Haunted Roads and Bridges, David Alan Scott, 2009

A History of Moonville, Ohio and a Collection of its Haunting Tales, William M. Cullen, 2010


Legends and Myths: Being a Compilation of Ghost Stories of the Bloody Bridge, [Delphos Canal Commission] 1992


Mostly Ghosts: Stagecoach Inns, Hotels, Covered Bridges, Towns in Wyandot County Ohio, Arethusa Watts, 1985

Mountain Spirits, Rita Arnold 2011


Northern Ohio Hauntings, Jeremy J. Dillahay, N.D.


Ohio Ghost Stories, Shelley Pearsall, 1993

Ohio’s Ghostly Greats, David J. Gerrick, 1982

Ohio’s Historic Haunts, James A. Willis, 2015


Southwest Ohio is Haunted, Jeff Morris & Michael Morris, 2008

Spooky Ohio: 13 Traditional Tales, selected and retold by Chris Woodyard ; illustrated by Jessica Wiesel, 1995

Stubborn Spirits: Fascinating Stories of Ohio Ghosts, Rita Arnold, 2010


Tristate Terrors: Famous, Historic, Female Ghosts of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, Anne Oscard, 1996

Trojans Tell Ghost Stories, Joanne Gamblee, 2004

True Ghost Stories from Ohio with Richard Crawford, (DVD) 2006

True Ghost Stories from Ohio, Vol. 2, DVD, 2007


Uneasy Spirits, Richard Crawford [Clermont County], 1997

Unleashed: Of Poltergeists and Murder: The Curious Story of Tina Resch, William Roll, 2004