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His Evil Idol

His Evil Idol A man receives an Aztec idol said to be cursed. Calamity ensues, although why the idol was blamed is unclear.

The Poear Dear and the Wicked Woman: A Suffolk Witch Story

A Suffolk witch story from 1877, involving a spell meant to be cast on a man, but transfered to his wife, who suffered for years under the bewitchment. In a series of ill-spelt letters, the witch confesses and suggests a transfer of the spell to its rightful owner.

A Curse Visited on a Family of Zoarites in Western New York

In an isolated valley in Western New York lived a colony of strangely malformed settlers. It was almost as though they had been marked by the Devil himself.

Mummy Dire-est: Cursed Egyptian Mummies

Mummy Dire-est: Cursed Egyptian Mummies While today we are all too well-educated by the Internet to believe the canard about the evil mummy from the British Museum sinking the Titanic, a decade before that maritime disaster there was much discussion about the malign coffin board and about other “cursed” mummies, either whole or in pieces. Every visitor to Egypt, it seemed, brought home a lethal souvenir….

Hoodoos through History: Crossed eyes, lilacs, and man-killer engines

Hoodoos through History: Crossed eyes, lilacs, and man-killer engines Black cats, the number thirteen, broken mirrors–these were all objects of ill-omen in the past. But a hoodoo could be any one of a seemingly endless list of persons, places of things including clocks, mummies, ships, and trains. Let us grasp our rabbits’ feet and four-leaf clovers firmly and venture into the world of hoodoos of the past.