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Cholera Curiosities

Cholera Curiosities Fortean curiosities of cholera including blue fog, sulfurous stenches, vanishing birds. and Women in Black.

Encore: The Bird-Woman Horror

“It was rather dark, for the lower half of the windows were boarded up; but in one corner, on the floor, was plainly distinguishable what looked like a heap of clothes flung together in disorder. It appeared to be in motion, however, and the mistress of the house once more turning to her follower had just time to utter the mysterious words—”Don’t be frightened. If she likes you, she’ll hoot; if she doesn’t, she’ll scream…”

Pillars of Light and Mysterious Illuminations

It’s that time of year when mysterious pillars of light brighten the winter sky. Three examples of mystery lights and pillars.

The Passing of the Christmas Ghost Story

The Christmas ghost story was a holiday tradition in the magazines and papers of the 19th century. Dickens popularized it; hacks hackneyed it; M.R. James brought it to the pitch of paranormal perfection. But by the time of this humorous piece, every possible change had been rung on the Christmas ghost story clichés.

A Curious County: Bracken County, Kentucky Forteana

A Curious County: Bracken County, Kentucky Forteana A “Devil’s Backbone,” a treasure cave with a giant skeleton, an imposter on a grand scale, mysterious faces in window glass, big snakes, fiery devils, and sin-induced levitation—who knew that one small and very rural Kentucky county could be so infested with fortean excitement?