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Joan of Arc Returns

Joan of Arc Returns And she’s brought her friends…. Children in a small French village see visions of Joan of Arc and the Virgin Mary.

Our Lady of the Stereopticon

Were images of the Virgin Mary beamed into the sky by airborne stereopticon to try to save a besieged city? And would these images explain the Angel of Mons and other Great War visions?

Our Lady of the Bass Fisherman

Our Lady of the Bass Fisherman One August day in 1896, a farmer named Moses Depue was fishing for bass in the Delaware River when he saw an astonishing apparition arise from the river near the Jersey shore.

A Glorified Vision of Julia

A Glorified Vision of Julia To whet your appetite for The Victorian Book of the Dead, an excerpt from that book about a strange Marian-type apparition seen by multiple witnesses at a wake.