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The Dead-Hole in the Cellar: A Visit to a Dissection Room

An intrepid reporter for a Cincinnati newspaper tours the dissection rooms of the Ohio Medical College and describes the gruesome sights and smells.

Abby Warner’s Christmas Rappings

Abby Warner’s Christmas Rappings Christmas Eve at St. Timothy’s Church in Massillon, Ohio was anything but a silent night when “rapping medium” Abby Warner and her friends came to admire the Christmas decorations.

Mrs Martin, Christ Made Manifest in Walnut Hills, Ohio

Mrs Martin, Christ Made Manifest in Walnut Hills, Ohio In the 1880s there arose a God Who walked among us in Walnut Hills, Ohio–a female god known as Mrs. Hannah Martin.

The Woman in Black of Massillon, Ohio: Part 2

A few days ago I wrote about a Woman in Black haunting the town of Massillon in 1895. The town was in a fever of excitement and a young man, ill-advisedly impersonating the ghost, was wounded when shot by a friend. Here is the thrilling conclusion to that tale.

The Faces in the Window

The Faces in the Window In 1871 mysterious faces and images began appearing in the windows of Sandusky and other Ohio towns. Were they spirit photographs or just a delusion?