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Jack (and Jacqueline) the Clipper

Today we look at some hair-collectors—not ones who wanted to make sentimental hair jewelry or memorial hair wreaths, as was so commonly done in the Victorian period, but persons with more sinister motives. Meet “Jack the Clipper.”

Devil Tales

The statue of a horned Satan which appeared mysteriously in Vancouver seems as good an excuse as any to revisit two posts on the Devil and his minions.

The Devil Went Down to Craigslist

The Devil Went Down to Craigslist Some people find the idea of sex with the Devil a turn-on. Sadly for her husband, Mrs Andrew Blaes was not one of them.

A Spot of Bother: Jack the Ink-Slinger

A Spot of Bother: Jack the Ink-Slinger Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror inspired a series of copy-cat killers. His name, which may have been coined by a journalist in a hoax letter to the police, was irresistible to journalists covering social panics at the turn of the century and beyond. There was Jack the Kisser, Jack the Smasher, Jack the Nipper, and, one of strangest: Jack the Ink-Slinger, who liked to throw violet ink on ladies’ dresses in the dark.