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The Silent Circumnavigator

The Silent Circumnavigator Kansas ventriloquist George J. Mold takes up a wager to don a clown suit and travel around the world in four years, without saying a word–except through his ventriloquist dummies.

And Down Will Come Baby, Basket and All…

And Down Will Come Baby, Basket and All… Travelers in the Welsh Mountains of Pennsylvania were startled by the sound of a baby crying and the apparition of a baby in a basket in a treetop.

The Divine Comedy: Purgatory Pranksters

In a shameless bid to ride the coattails of publicity for Dan Brown’s new book Inferno, and since I have previously covered Hell and its geography as well as some fiery relics of the Poor Souls in Purgatory, let’s look at some stories about Purgatorial pranks, where the living impersonate the dead for their own purposes.