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Replevying a Corpse

Replevying a Corpse As a hardened reader of sensationally horrible deaths in the Victorian press, you would think that very little would shock. Yet there is a category of mortuary stories that has given me pause. I refer, of course, to stories involving writs of replevin on corpses. What?

Hair Today; Gone Tomorrow: Death by Hair

A shocking catalog of deaths by hair: mustache murder, dis-tress-ing suicides, hair-ball fatalities, cats and rats and poisonous hair dyes.

Leeches, Radium, and a Corpse in a Box: Strange Christmas Presents of the Past

Looking for inspiration for truly memorable holiday presents? Turn to the past for gifts they’ll never forget–like radium particles, a dismembered corpse, a hamper of poisonous snakes, and strips of human skin.

Introducing The Victorian Book of the Dead

Introducing The Victorian Book of the Dead A shamelessly commercial post today: Kestrel Publications is draping itself in black in celebration–The Victorian Book of the Dead has arrived!

That Bourne From Which No Man Pushes Up Daisies

A small section of my new book, The Victorian Book of the Dead discusses the various names and euphemisms for death, dying, and the afterlife. I invite you to contribute your favorite expressions. Or to perform the Dead Parrot Sketch.

Dead Letters: The Epistolary Zombie

Dead Letters: The Epistolary Zombie
The family had seen their beloved husband and father dead and buried–but years later they began to get letters from beyond the grave.