The Ghost Wore Black: Ghastly Tales from the Past STATE Index


Alabama: Gazed on a Huge Hobgoblin 130

Alaska: Alaska Indians Won’t Hunt in Ghost Land 155

California: A Telegraph Hill Ghostess 41; The Telegraph Hill Ghostess again 43; An Old-fashioned Ghost 88; A Ghostly Bicyclist 158

Connecticut: A Strange Proceeding 15; A Danbury Ghost Story 29; A Winged Hoodoo 75; An Accommodating Ghost 94; A tragical affair at Killingworth 165; The Murdered Children 166; A Ghost-Haunted Community 167

Delaware: Town Terrorized by Black Devil 118; See Slain Suitor’s Ghost 172

Georgia: A Death Foretold 34; A Fatal Headpiece 71; A Veritable Hoodoo 72; Attacked by a Ghost 103

Illinois: Warned in Dream of Death He Met 30; Black Form Haunts a Village 89; The Ghost at the Window 139; Locating a “Specter” 145; Mrs.Luetgert’s Ghost 173; Mrs. Luetgert Haunted Her Old House 175; People of an Illinois Town Wrought Up over a Mystery 217; Mattoon’s Woman in Black 219

Indiana: Woman Ghost Who Had Been Drowned in Ohio River 17; Ghost Orders a Hat 19; The Banshee Appears 26; A Token of Death 37; Star is Hoodooed 74; Hoodoo Badge 74; Bad Luck Goes with Purchase of Cemetery 76; Lafayette’s Ghostly “Man in Black” 84; A Grave Yawns 106; Headless Ghost 111; Saw a Tall Ghost 114; Ghost is Genuine 116; Man Coated With Tar and Feathers 119; Laverty’s Ghost 140; Declares Ghost of Murdered Man Appears 144; Extraordinary Story 170; An Indiana Specter 178; Up Against It (Snake of fire) 181; She Faded in Air 216

Iowa: Courts His Wife’s Spook 21; Very Strange If True! 98; Iowa’s Remarkable Ghost Story 119; Albia’s Ghost 213

Kansas: A Bony Hand 47; A Kansas Ghost Story 64

Kentucky: Death Angel Visible 31; Black Cat Train 76; Hoodoo Gets Last of Unlucky Family 79; The Devil Went Down to Kentucky 121; The Devil Caught and Caged 124; The Devil in Bracken County, Ky. 127; Devils in Bracken County, Kentucky 131; Blue Man is Lively Ghost 137

Maryland: A Baltimore Ghost 14; A Messenger of Death? 33; A Scorched Fence 57;  See Slain Suitor’s Ghost 172; The Ghost of Peg Alley’s Point 177

Massachusetts: His Sister’s Ghost 9; Suicide by a Spiritualist 30; An Accommodating Ghost 94; The Parkman-Webster murder 164; The Stamford Wild Man 184; Big Humbug 193; Ed Johnson the Wildman 193; Two Terrified Hunters 193; “Haunted” Priest Tells of Ghosts 205

Michigan: A Tale of Horror and Facts 1; bird on the pillow 33; The Mysterious Lady 158

Minnesota:  Owl Hooted; Sister Died 33; Black Specter in Mine 36; A Mysterious Apparition 202

Mississippi: Dwarfish Specter 91; A Ghastly Specter 149

Missouri: An Apparition 115; A Bony Hand 47

Montana: Death Abides in Iron Ring and Mirror 67; Man in Black 86

Nebraska: A typical “black ghost” arrived 213; May Be Same Old Ghost 214

New Hampshire: Fairy photograph 95; Girl’s Spirit in a Partridge 199

New Jersey: Stolen Ring a Hoodoo 70; A Huge Ghost 117

New Mexico: Strange Story of Mysterious Man or Spirit 155; Impersonator or Wizard Appears Again 157

New York: Ghost of a Nun 53; An Uncanny Clock Story 61; Hoodoo Gets Even 66; A Haunted House 162; Mrs Druse Haunts Prison 163; A Spook Among Lunatics 207

Ohio: Reads the Future on Ice 29; Saw a Fiery Hand 58; Hoodoo In His Family 77; Shun Ohio Woods Steeped in Crime 79; Legless Ghost is Walking 85; Legend of the Dwarf 91; Bugaboo Business 100; Very Like a Whale 102

Ohio River: Woman Ghost Who Had Been Drowned in Ohio River 17

Oklahoma: Girl Weds a Ghost 22; Spook Bees 197

Pennsylvania: Driven From Home By a Spirit 10; Baby Burned by a Ghost 13; Genuine Ghost Story 16; A Spectral Procession 35; A Strange Story 44; A Ghostly Hand 46; Set Up by Ghostly Fingers 49; There is witchcraft 56; Hand of Ghost Sears Pillow 56; The Factoryville Man in Black 84; Singular Ghost Story 135; Left a Picture on the Pane 147; A True Story 168; A Ghost in the Form of a Baby 204; The Woman in Black 220; Terrorized by a Myth Called the Woman in

Black 221; A Black Ghost 223; The Factoryville Man in Black 225; Mysterious Woman Caught 226; Tyrone’s “Woman in Black.” 227; Woman in Black and “Jack the Hugger” 228; The Hazleton Lady in Black 228

Tennessee: Ghostly hand 28

Texas: The Bloody Hand 51; Daughters Saw Fairies 96; Thief Disguised as Devil 125; A Spectral Visitor 151; Ghost Map Appears on Cottage Wall 195; A Weeping Specter 210; Woman in Black Appeared Thursday 217; Startled by Woman in Black 218

Vermont: The Stamford Wild Man 184; Two Terrified Hunters 193

Virginia: A Strange Story 44; Spirit Picture 60; A Fatal Headpiece 71; A Ghost—or Something—in Prince William County, Va. 128

West Virginia: Ghostly Hand Beckoned 28; Spirit Picture 60; A Coffin on a Roof of a House 203

Wisconsin: Killed by Specter 112; Thief Dressed like the Devil 126