The Phantom Light of Deakin’s Woods: Part 2

The Phantom Light of Deakin’s Woods: Part 2 The conclusion to the story, but perhaps not the final word, on the mysterious red spook light seen at Columbus Grove.

The Haunt-Hunter Haunted

Psychic researcher Dr. Walter F. Prince, the man who studied the fire-spook of Antigonish and the multiple personalities of “Doris Fischer,” found that his own house was haunted and that the vector was again a young woman.

Who Hears a Horton?: Froissart’s Helpful Spirit

The classic story from Froissart about “Orton” or “Orthon,” a helpful spirit or demon who brought news from afar to the Lord de Corasse.

The Little Match Girls: Incendiary Poltergeists

Hellish blue flames and mysterious outbreaks of fire: the fire-spook has struck again. Is it a concoction of combustible chemicals? a poltergeist girl? Or a ghost playing with matches?