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The Lost Children

An account of children and others lost in the woods of Ohio and their bizarre reactions when found. Do these accounts offer any insight into the mysterious disappearances David Paulides writes about in his Missing 411 series?

The Dead-Hole in the Cellar: A Visit to a Dissection Room

An intrepid reporter for a Cincinnati newspaper tours the dissection rooms of the Ohio Medical College and describes the gruesome sights and smells.

Our Lady of the Stereopticon

Were images of the Virgin Mary beamed into the sky by airborne stereopticon to try to save a besieged city? And would these images explain the Angel of Mons and other Great War visions?

Choking with Mirth: Gallows Humor

You may have noticed a reprehensible penchant in this blog for light-hearted looks at topics such as self-decapitation, hangman’s ropes, cholera jokes, and unusual methods of execution. Today we sink even further into the mire of inappropriate mirth with a post about gallows humor: period jokes about execution by hanging.

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