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Little Angels at a Deathbed

A story of fairies at a deathbed from Seeing Fairies by Marjorie T. Johnson reminds me of this story from Spiritualist literature about Gentry-like creatures urging a dying boy to come with them.

Book Review: Seeing Fairies by Marjorie T. Johnson

Sound the fairy pipes for the publication of this extraordinary collection of first-hand reports of fairies! They are found not only in the dim past, but from the 20th century and from ordinary people just up the street.

Damned in Danville: Happy Birthday, Mr Fort

The quintessential fortean event is a rain of frogs or fish or some other damned precipitant. In 1926 Danville, Virginia was the site of the Great Frog Rain. It was recalled that similar falls occurred in 1884 and 1904, exciting the interest of one Charles Fort, of London, England.

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