Creature Feature

Creature Feature: The Mexican Mine Monster

A missionary who lived for years in Mexico tells of a terrifying encounter with something giant and snake-like in a Guerrero mine.

Creature Feature: The Woman in Black of New Orleans

Creature Feature: The Woman in Black of New Orleans. A macabre entity that terrorized the citizens of New Orleans, believed to be an omen of death.

Creature Feature: A Query of What-is-its

An engaging feature of the papers of the past is the “what-is-it.” This is a monster, sometimes of plausible animal appearance and behavior; sometimes an alien creature seemingly hybridized from a variety of species. Today we look at a few of these colorful “what is its.”

Creature Feature Encore: The Stamford Wildman: A Berkshire Scare of 1861

In 1861, on a slow-news day, a journalist scribbled a story about a wildman. Suddenly people began reporting encounters with the tall, hairy creature. Was it a hermit, a wendigo, a lunatic, an idiot, or a true monster?

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