Fortean Mysteries

Possessed on Prince Edward Island

A young Canadian girl is followed by mysterious rappings and fires. No, it’s not Mary Ellen of Antigonish–the case occurs a decade earlier and her family swore they saw her levitate.

The Spirits Giveth and the Spirits Taketh Away

I’ve previously written about an apparent religious materialization of cash in “The Bridgnorth Shilling.” Here is a similar, if rather less ethereal story about apporting money from Dr. Silas J. Chesebrough, New York State Spiritualist enthusiast, featuring his protégé, young Joe Caffrey

Predicting Lincoln’s Death by Horoscope, Trance, and Manual Alphabet

The story of Lincoln’s dream about his assassination is well-known in the paranormal literature. Today we look at some lesser-known omens of Lincoln’s assassination as predicted by a Spiritualist medium, a Boston astrologer, and a little girl.

“Ship sinking; all hands lost.” Titanic Premonitions and Postmonitions

Today we dip into the Spiritualist literature to bring to the surface some ominous portents that predicted or heralded the wreck of the RMS Titanic.

Freakonomics: A Dime Museum Man Speaks Candidly

Freakonomics. “Yes,” said the dime museum man “I’ve had a liberal education in freaks. I’ve been right here in Fourteenth street for fifteen years and, take it all together, I’ve associated with a greater galaxy of weird wonders than any other man alive.” He goes on to describe Freaks He Has Known, what they earned, and fashions in Dime Museum attractions.

“A purple flame which rose from the casket:” Spontaneous Human Combustion in Brooklyn

A case of spontaneous human combustion hushed up in Brooklyn, plus two other historic cases, including one where the victim survived a few days to tell his story.

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