Fortean Mysteries

The Lady with the Slithering Alligator Purse

A story of a curiously fortean fashion accessory to make your skin crawl: alligator purses and handbags that move by themselves. A “peculiarity of the skin” is claimed.

Miss Tardo’s Poisonous Profession

A game of snakes & adders. She was billed as the Strangest Woman in the World for her immunity to snake venom and other poisons and her inability to feel pain.

Encore: The Battle of Gettysburg Foretold by a Clairvoyant and a Quakeress

June 30, 1863, a clairvoyant medium in Brooklyn told a reporter for a New York newspaper that the Battle of Gettysburg would begin the next day. Her other statements about the Battle proved correct. All were written out, but the reporter’s newspaper refused to publish the prophecies. And in 1832 a Quaker clairvoyant saw bloodshed in the hills of Gettysburg.

Do the Dead Move?

Experienced morticians know that the dead do move, sometimes in shockingly natural ways, simply due to changes in muscle tension, rigor wearing off, or internal gases. But do certain bodies move in UNnatural ways?

Lightning Daguerreotypes

One of the most fortean of lightning freaks is the “lighting daguerreotype,” where pictures are found impressed upon the skin by a bolt from the blue or where a face or figure is mysteriously etched upon a window pane.

Remove Your Hoops: Lightning Freaks

There were a number of superstitions about lightning: it was bad luck to burn wood from a lightning-struck tree, oak trees were more likely to be struck than beech, a toothpick from a tree struck by lightning would cure toothache. And certain things would “draw” lightning: Milk in a pail, moist hay, bayonets, a warm horse, an umbrella or fishing rod–and ladies’ hoop skirts.

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