Fortean Mysteries

Jack the Stripper

The story of “Jack the Stripper,” who shocked a Cincinnati, Ohio neighborhood from about 1875 to 1878, wore nothing but a coat of grease, caused a rather prurient panic, and evaded both bullets and arrest with ease. No one knew where he came from; he simply melted away in the dark, to the despair of the police force and the titillation of the ladies.

The Death-Curse of the Great Hunter

A hunter with a mania for slaughtering wild animals is marked for a terrible revenge.

Phantom Automobiles

I stated recently in my post on the skeleton driver of Old Route 40 that phantom automobiles are a rare category in the spectral spectrum. I’m here to (marginally) prove myself wrong with a couple of tales from the United States.

Professor Muenter’s Metaphysical Murder

In the wake of talk about German occultists after the head of F.W. Murnau was stolen from his tomb, today we examine another Interesting Person, the learned Professor Erich Muenter, polyglot, German instructor at Harvard University, metaphysician, mad bomber, and murderer.

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