Fortean Mysteries

The Spirit Stalker of Emma Hardinge Britten

Spiritualist Emma Hardinge Britten tells of a terrifying phantom stalker who could apparently project himself through time and space.

The Childers Claimant: A Drowned Kentucky Girl’s Return

The story reads like fiction: Tiny footprints leading to a river; a drowned child’s skeleton recovered; then, years later, a young woman returns, claiming to be the dead child. Who was she?

The Flagman and the Skeleton: A Vision in the Sun

From the time of the War of 1812 comes a story of an unusually vivid three-day vision of a man with a flag and a skeleton, observed by many onboard HMS Majestic, then lying off Boston.

The Thornley Crape Threat

I have previously shared some instances of “coffin threats” in this forum, as well as writing about the lost art of “crape threats” in The Victorian Book of the Dead. Today we look at what was the early-20th-century version of a gangster sending a funeral wreath to a rival.

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