Fortean Mysteries

The Poear Dear and the Wicked Woman: A Suffolk Witch Story

A Suffolk witch story from 1877, involving a spell meant to be cast on a man, but transfered to his wife, who suffered for years under the bewitchment. In a series of ill-spelt letters, the witch confesses and suggests a transfer of the spell to its rightful owner.

Those Ghostly Faces in the Windows: How Were They Made?

How were the mysterious, ghostly “faces in the window” images made? I invite my readers to try their hand (or face) at creating their own. Prizes for the best (non-photo-shopped) examples.

“Step Into My Parlor,” Said the Spider to the Snake.

A story from Australia (with photos) tells of a deadly spider capturing one of the world’s most venomous spiders in its web. It sounds implausible. We look at some historic precedents.

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