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Crystal-Seers in Lancashire

Crystal-Seers in Lancashire Lancashire folk gazed into glass eggs and crystals to spy on their friends and scry the future.

The Mysterious Mirror of Maine

On 7 June 1903, Adelia A. Warren, Mrs. Robert Warren, of Bowdoinham, Maine, died, age 48, leaving behind a bereft husband and two sons: 28-year-old Randall S. and 33-year-old Edwin W. Just six months later, it was reported that Mrs. Warren, a Spiritualist, had returned to try to communicate with the family through a mirror.

The Spectral Well of Virginia

The Spectral Well of Virginia It began playfully, with a fortune-telling game: hold a mirror over a well and you will see the face of your future husband. But the young woman on her father’s Virginia plantation never dreamed of the ghostly sights and strange visions that would arise from those waters.

The Sun King’s Death in a Glass of Water

The Sun King’s Death in a Glass of Water A group of aristocrats play a dangerous game bordering on treason in 18th-century France: asking a scryer to envision the circumstances of the Sun King’s death in a glass of water. And the Duc d’Orleans got more than he bargained for when he asked to have his own future revealed.