medical oddities

A Benares Lady Magnet

A Benares Lady Magnet A visitor to India finds a “Devil Woman” with the power to levitate and magnetically attract man and beast.

The Consumption Letters: Decomposing Correspondence

The Consumption Letters: Decomposing Correspondence: A physician makes the case that the letters of the ill or dead give off the smell of death and decomposition.

Weekend Compendium: 20 February 2016

Weekend Compendium: 20 February 2016 brings you the week’s posts: the Witch of Leadville, eye-lash history, the ghost of a living woman, a discontented and destructive daemon, as well as creepy crawlies in hair and jungle.

Weekend Compendium: 6 January 2016

Weekend Compendium: 6 January 2016: The Ladies’ Man, A Fluttering in the Vault, A Woodsy Costume (barking), Begotten by a Ghost, Hairdressing for the Dead.

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