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The Spirits Giveth and the Spirits Taketh Away

I’ve previously written about an apparent religious materialization of cash in “The Bridgnorth Shilling.” Here is a similar, if rather less ethereal story about apporting money from Dr. Silas J. Chesebrough, New York State Spiritualist enthusiast, featuring his protégé, young Joe Caffrey

Predicting Lincoln’s Death by Horoscope, Trance, and Manual Alphabet

The story of Lincoln’s dream about his assassination is well-known in the paranormal literature. Today we look at some lesser-known omens of Lincoln’s assassination as predicted by a Spiritualist medium, a Boston astrologer, and a little girl.

“Ship sinking; all hands lost.” Titanic Premonitions and Postmonitions

Today we dip into the Spiritualist literature to bring to the surface some ominous portents that predicted or heralded the wreck of the RMS Titanic.

So an Irishman Walks Into a Medium….

A St Patrick’s Day tale of a séance-room shamrock apport and comic turn by a stage-Irishman spirit guide.

A Prolonged Wail of Horror: A Banshee in England

As a rule, however, the Banshee is not seen, it is only heard, and it announces its advent in a variety of ways; sometimes by groaning, sometimes by wailing, and sometimes by uttering the most blood-curdling of screams, which I can only liken to the screams a woman might make if she were being done to death in a very cruel and violent manner….

Muddying the Waters: The Mediumship of Mrs. Blanchard

It’s always entrancing to find a new wave in mediumship, as in this account of Mrs. Elizabeth Blanchard of New Ulm, Minnesota and her mystical faces found in bowls of water.

The Spectral Well of Virginia

It began playfully, with a fortune-telling game: hold a mirror over a well and you will see the face of your future husband. But the young woman on her father’s Virginia plantation never dreamed of the ghostly sights and strange visions that would arise from those waters.

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