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Ernest Case: Toledo’s “Man of Visions”

Ernest Case was visited by angels, went into deep trances in which he could find missing items, and foretold his own death on the 27th of an unknown month and year. What happened to this Toledo Wonder?

The Actress and the Phantom Musketeer

In part two of this story of a phantom persecuting a famous French actress, things are about to get worse. As if having senses-stunning shrieks coming out of nowhere wasn’t bad enough, Mademoiselle Clarion found herself the victim of an even more threatening type of mystery assault.

The Ghost of a Dead Mother Visits Her Baby

Mother’s Day is coming up, so I feel obligated to do something on the theme of maternal devotion, since last year I rather savaged Motherhood in a piece on Maternal Influence and Monsters. Prepare to be heart-warmed.

Beethoven’s Tenth: Re-composing a Composer

On 30 April, 1895 a new work by Ludwig von Beethoven made its debut: his Tenth Symphony. The Master had a little help from Miss Helen Edith Green, to whom he dictated the music–long after he was dead.

“Attend, ye braves!” Shakespeare Speaks from the Beyond

If you have tears, prepare to shed them now…Today we look at some of the post-mortem communications purporting to come from Shakespeare. Hard on the heels of 19th-century “Bardolotry” came the Spiritualists, who couldn’t leave his bones undisturbed, but summoned the departed Bard from the vasty deeps to channel wit, wisdom, poetry, plays and unmitigated blather.

Polt or Possessed on Prince Edward Island?

A young Canadian girl is followed by mysterious rappings and fires. No, it’s not Mary Ellen of Antigonish–the case occurs a decade earlier and her family swore they saw her levitate.

The Spirits Giveth and the Spirits Taketh Away

I’ve previously written about an apparent religious materialization of cash in “The Bridgnorth Shilling.” Here is a similar, if rather less ethereal story about apporting money from Dr. Silas J. Chesebrough, New York State Spiritualist enthusiast, featuring his protégé, young Joe Caffrey

Predicting Lincoln’s Death by Horoscope, Trance, and Manual Alphabet

The story of Lincoln’s dream about his assassination is well-known in the paranormal literature. Today we look at some lesser-known omens of Lincoln’s assassination as predicted by a Spiritualist medium, a Boston astrologer, and a little girl.

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