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Weekend Compendium: 16 January 2016

Weekend Compendium: 16 January 2016

Weekend Compendium: 9 January 2016

Weekend Compendium of this week’s posts on Mrs Daffodil and Haunted Ohio, plus extras!

Popular Fortean Posts of 2015

The most popular fortean posts on this blog for 2015.

Creature Feature Encore: The Stamford Wildman: A Berkshire Scare of 1861

In 1861, on a slow-news day, a journalist scribbled a story about a wildman. Suddenly people began reporting encounters with the tall, hairy creature. Was it a hermit, a wendigo, a lunatic, an idiot, or a true monster?

The Club of Queer Trades, Part 2

Nineteenth-century newspapers seemed fascinated by odd jobs. And, to be honest, there seems to have been a great deal of ingenuity displayed by the entrepreneurs in the stories. In honor of Labor Day, let us stroll down to the employment agency and scan some of the unusual jobs posted on fly-specked cards tacked up in the window.

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