Strange Lives

Eating Holy Clay

Eating Holy Clay A disturbing ritual from Ireland where clay from graves is eaten to protect against disease and sin. Unfortunately more was ingested than just clay.

The Phantom Carriage at the Eddy House

The Phantom Carriage at the Eddy House The Spiritualist Eddy Brothers and their family see a phantom carriage sent as an omen of a death in the family.

Canada, the Somme, and Gettysburg

Canada, the Somme, and Gettysburg Fortean tales from Canada, the Somme, and Gettysburg, all celebrated on July 1. Choose your own Fortean adventure!

Supplying Dead Ringers

Supplying Dead Ringers Wax effigies, fake or substitute corpses used by criminals.

A Color Doctor

A Color Doctor Dr. William Hotchkiss of St. Louis believed that different colors could heal illnesses. He was known as The Color Doctor.

Miss Neas’s Bones of Contention

Miss Neas’s Bones of Contention Doctors and other witnesses reported seeing hundreds of bones working their way through Sarah Neas’s skin

The Silent Circumnavigator

The Silent Circumnavigator Kansas ventriloquist George J. Mold takes up a wager to don a clown suit and travel around the world in four years, without saying a word–except through his ventriloquist dummies.

Rictus Mortis – Killer Clowns

Rictus Mortis: Killer Clowns In these dark days of clown panics, can we identify the possible visual origins of Killer Clowns?

What is a Fairy Blast?

What is a fairy blast? A comparison between a Limerick servant girl struck by a “fairy blast” that turned her into her American-accented sister and the Watseka Wonder case.

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