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Eating Holy Clay

Delving among the gravestones, I ran across a disturbing ritual from Ireland where clay from graves is eaten to protect against disease and sin. Unfortunately more was ingested than just clay.

Beaten by a Ghost: A Cleverly Planned Murder and the Vengeance of Heaven

When an Irish magistrate was shot, he clearly saw his attacker: a man named Molony, who had a grudge against him. Despite the positive ID by the victim, Molony provided an unbreakable alibi and, released, went on with his life without a qualm. Until the anniversary of the cleverly planned murder rolled around….

The Divine Comedy: Purgatory Pranksters

In a shameless bid to ride the coattails of publicity for Dan Brown’s new book Inferno, and since I have previously covered Hell and its geography as well as some fiery relics of the Poor Souls in Purgatory, let’s look at some stories about Purgatorial pranks, where the living impersonate the dead for their own purposes.

A Walking Gallows

The Horrible Deeds of Lieutenant Hepenstall.
This Handsome but Brutal Giant of the Wicklow Militia Was the Most Cold Blooded and Eccentric Executioner That has Ever Existed.