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Beaten by a Ghost: A Cleverly Planned Murder and the Vengeance of Heaven

When an Irish magistrate was shot, he clearly saw his attacker: a man named Molony, who had a grudge against him. Despite the positive ID by the victim, Molony provided an unbreakable alibi and, released, went on with his life without a qualm. Until the anniversary of the cleverly planned murder rolled around….

Touching the Corpse: Late Examples of Cruentation

Touching the Corpse: Late Examples of Cruentation It was long believed that a corpse would bleed at its murderer’s touch. The idea survived for a surprisingly long time in the 19th century. Here are some gruesome examples.

Pearl Bryan’s Shoes: Mr. Poock and the Clew that Solved her Murder

The discovery of the headless body of a woman near Fort Thomas, Kentucky in 1896 was the beginning of a murder case that thrilled the nation. The Pearl Bryan case had something for every taste: there was illicit sex, debauched young men with angelic countenances, a particularly horrific method of murder–and an intrepid shoe merchant from Newport, Mr. L.D. Poock, whose footwear expertise helped identify the victim and thus bring her killers to justice.

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