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Pearl Bryan’s Shoes: Mr. Poock and the Clew that Solved her Murder

The discovery of the headless body of a woman near Fort Thomas, Kentucky in 1896 was the beginning of a murder case that thrilled the nation. The Pearl Bryan case had something for every taste: there was illicit sex, debauched young men with angelic countenances, a particularly horrific method of murder–and an intrepid shoe merchant from Newport, Mr. L.D. Poock, whose footwear expertise helped identify the victim and thus bring her killers to justice.

Introducing The Headless Horror: Strange and Ghostly Ohio Tales

In a book that was over a century in the making, Haunted Ohio author Chris Woodyard, has unearthed another treasure-trove of Victorian and Edwardian ghosts, hauntings, and Fortean mysteries. Here’s what you can expect to find in The Headless Horror: Strange and Ghostly Ohio Tales….

The Faces in the Window

The Faces in the Window In 1871 mysterious faces and images began appearing in the windows of Sandusky and other Ohio towns. Were they spirit photographs or just a delusion?

A brief introduction to the Killer Budgie blog.

I’m delighted to welcome you to the Killer Budgie blog. Some of you may know me as a writer of books on Ohio ghosts. Other friends know of my interest in history. Or perhaps you have overheard at the lunch counter my cheerful conversations with friends about the best ways to administer poison undetected or Murderesses I Admire.