Social History

A Charm from Cheltenham

A Charm from Cheltenham A charm from Cheltenham is given to a young RAF flier who immediately recovers his lost nerve and, despite many crashes, lives a charmed life

The Spirit of Mary Surratt

The Spirit of Mary Surratt The spirit of Mary Surratt is believed to haunt her old boarding house and was said to have returned to write a bitter message during an 1890s séance slate-writing session.

Playing a Spirit

Playing a Spirit A girl who played a spirit for a famous Spiritualist medium tells All.

The Elf-Shot Spaniel

The Elf-Shot Spaniel A curious dog is elf-shot by grotesque Irish fairies after straying into their territory.

Fairy Crowns of Scandinavia

Fairy Crowns of Scandinavia Stories of fairy crowns taken from the huldre-folk of Scandinavia.

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