Strange Deaths

The Dead-Hole in the Cellar: A Visit to a Dissection Room

An intrepid reporter for a Cincinnati newspaper tours the dissection rooms of the Ohio Medical College and describes the gruesome sights and smells.

Choking with Mirth: Gallows Humor

You may have noticed a reprehensible penchant in this blog for light-hearted looks at topics such as self-decapitation, hangman’s ropes, cholera jokes, and unusual methods of execution. Today we sink even further into the mire of inappropriate mirth with a post about gallows humor: period jokes about execution by hanging.

The Tomb Challenge of the Russian Princess

In 1818 the Russian Princess Elisabeth Demidoff died at Paris, aged 39. 75 years later, strange stories began to circulate about the tomb and its occupant.

The Death-Curse of the Great Hunter

A hunter with a mania for slaughtering wild animals is marked for a terrible revenge.

The Childers Claimant: A Drowned Kentucky Girl’s Return

The story reads like fiction: Tiny footprints leading to a river; a drowned child’s skeleton recovered; then, years later, a young woman returns, claiming to be the dead child. Who was she?

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