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Dead as a Doornail – The Carpenter of Doom

Dead as a Doornail -The Carpenter of Doom Over the space of a lifetime, a man was haunted by recurring visits from a mysterious carpenter, whose presence meant death.

Silas Told and the Devil-Fish

Silas Told and the Devil-Fish A ripping yarn from a Methodist convert. An intriguing tale of nameless poisons, the Devil, and a strange horned creature following the ship as a kind of marine psychopomp.

Hark! The Herald Angels Help: 3 Angelic Visitations

The holidays (or perhaps more accurately, holiday films) are a time for heartwarming depictions of helpful angels: Clarence, the Angel Second Class of It’s a Wonderful Life and Cary Grant’s debonair Dudley of The Bishop’s Wife spring to mind. Here are stories of three angelic visitations, two of dubious helpfulness.