Killer Budgie: The Genteel & the Unspeakable from Chris Woodyard

“Pull for the Shore, Sailor:” Mystic Music at Sickbeds and Deathbeds

Hearing mysterious music on the sickbed and at the death bed. The ideal of Spiritualist music was etherial, but the reality was accordions.

Introducing The Victorian Book of the Dead

A shamelessly commercial post today: Kestrel Publications is draping itself in black in celebration–The Victorian Book of the Dead has arrived!

O, Death, Where Is Thy Bling?

The Gilded Age was a golden age for the conspicuous consumption of coffins and other funerary goods, inspiring a kind of mortuary arms race. Keeping up with the Boneses…. Two Victorian examples.

Know When to Hold ‘em: Waiting Mortuaries in Connecticut?

An account of a proposal from Bridgeport, Connecticut, for an organization that would hold the bodies of the dead until they showed unmistakable signs of decomposition–in the interest of preventing burial alive.