Killer Budgie: The Genteel & the Unspeakable from Chris Woodyard

A Corpse in a Terrible Frenzy

A past Bishop of Liberia gives us an eye-witness account of a restless corpse determined to find her murderer.

President Garfield’s Heavenly Escort

The deaths of rulers are often predicted or memorialized by Things in the Sky. Within a month of President James A Garfield’s death, some Demarva visionaries saw Garfield in Glory, escorted to his Heavenly reward by an honor guard of angels.

A Patting Round the Bed: A Persistent Apparition

The frequent appearance of a “dead” woman to her sister and other persons, including a clergyman, over the course of several years. The ghost was also remarkably physical, dragging her child out of bed and shoving her former husband into the street.

A Few Uses for a Dead Tombstone

Recently there have been news stories about the inappropriate use of old tombstones. This is scarcely a new problem, as we look at 19th and early 20th-century stories of “A Few Uses for a Dead Tombstone”