Killer Budgie: The Genteel & the Unspeakable from Chris Woodyard

“I am the Death Angel”

The Victorian Book of the Dead’s first chapter is on personifications of Death. Here’s we meet a Reaper-like Death Angel, who discusses, in a weirdly bureaucratic way, the persons who are to be taken.

Jack (and Jacqueline) the Clipper

Today we look at some hair-collectors—not ones who wanted to make sentimental hair jewelry or memorial hair wreaths, as was so commonly done in the Victorian period, but persons with more sinister motives. Meet “Jack the Clipper.”

Where the Devil Got His Face

Today we continue the devilish theme of the previous post with a historical discursion on the iconography of the Devil and its surprising origin, according to a German scholar. WHERE HIS SATANIC MAJESTY GOT HIS FACE Special Correspondent of the Enquirer London, May 26, 1904 Where did the devil get his face—the familiar satanic type […]

Devil Tales

The statue of a horned Satan which appeared mysteriously in Vancouver seems as good an excuse as any to revisit two posts on the Devil and his minions.

Letters That Wait for the Dead To Speak

In the 1880s a group of psychic researchers wrote letters that they optimistically believed would help to prove the reality of life beyond the grave. Did the letters prove life after death or did they end up in the Dead Letter Office?

Does the Sea Serpent Really Look Like an Art Nouveau Oar-fish?

With Labor Day upon us, we are almost at the end of the Silly Season when sea serpent stories were standard newspaper fare. Here’s a selection of vintage–and most imaginative–depictions of sea serpents.