The Little Stone Book

The Little Stone Book A miniature stone book is found in Wyandotte County, Kansas, by local antiquarian George U.S. Hovey.

The Singing None

The Singing None The Catholic family who visited Jumi├Ęges Abbey in the summer of 1913 were surprised and delighted at the plain chant they heard in the bare, ruined choir, sung by a chorus of — none.

Christopher Crellius and the Savior of the Swamp

Christopher Crellius and the Savior of the Swamp Trapped in a swamp, the Polish theologian Christopher Crellius finds an unlikely savior in a mysterious small man.

Here, Mr Hotfoot

Here, Mr Hotfoot The Devil is hotfooting it around the Black Country, searing footprints into the soil.

Eating Holy Clay

Eating Holy Clay A disturbing ritual from Ireland where clay from graves is eaten to protect against disease and sin. Unfortunately more was ingested than just clay.

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