18th century

An Historic Hernia

An Historic Hernia The extraordinarily gruesome death of Queen Caroline of Ansbach, consort of King George II, presented by guest blogger Catherine Curzon, author of Life in the Georgian Court.

Weekend Compendium: 13 January 2016 Valentine Edition

Weekend Compendium: 13 January 2016 Valentine Edition Featuring an 18th century “Missed Connection” ad, 19th century hints for photographic sitters. The Angel of Lourdes, monkey ghosts, Valentines for Undertakers and Spiritualist Mediums.

Pillars of Light and Mysterious Illuminations

It’s that time of year when mysterious pillars of light brighten the winter sky. Three examples of mystery lights and pillars.

Drinking Molten Lead at the Eddystone Light

When the Eddy-stone Light-house burned in 1755, a spry Henry Hall, aged 94, sprang into action to battle the fire. During the fire he was badly injured and was carried home where he gave his doctor a bizarre explanation for his injuries: he had swallowed melted lead from the fire.

The Actress and the Phantom Musketeer

In part two of this story of a phantom persecuting a famous French actress, things are about to get worse. As if having senses-stunning shrieks coming out of nowhere wasn’t bad enough, Mademoiselle Clarion found herself the victim of an even more threatening type of mystery assault.

Clarion Calls: An Actress’s Shrieking Phantom

We return again to eighteenth-century France in the first of a two-part story of post-mortem obsession, of an ongoing banshee-like persecution, and of a phantom shooter.

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