Encore: Black Dogs and Dynamite: South Mountain’s Washington Monument

A stone tower prone to fiery explosions, a ghastly Black Dog apparition, spook lights, ghosts, and mystic people–is the area of the South Mountain Maryland Washington Monument a “window” or “portal” area, full of high strangeness?

So an Irishman Walks Into a Medium….

A St Patrick’s Day tale of a séance-room shamrock apport and comic turn by a stage-Irishman spirit guide.

A Prolonged Wail of Horror: A Banshee in England

As a rule, however, the Banshee is not seen, it is only heard, and it announces its advent in a variety of ways; sometimes by groaning, sometimes by wailing, and sometimes by uttering the most blood-curdling of screams, which I can only liken to the screams a woman might make if she were being done to death in a very cruel and violent manner….

Tales from the Presidential Crypts

A look at some strange incidents at presidential tombs: the skull of Washington, a guard driven mad by standing watch at Garfield’s grave, shots fired and intruders at McKinley’s tomb, and poltergeist-like activities at the Harding holding vault.

The Sitting Dead: Bizarre Burials and Curious Coffins

A cavalcade of curious coffins and bizarre burials: standing, sitting, on horseback, in a whiskey barrel, or a brick…

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