Creature Feature: The Varua Ino: The Ravening Watchers

For today’s creature we venture into the tropical paradise of the South Seas: a place of warm, hospitable people, blue seas, palm-trees swaying in the trade-winds–and blood-thirsty elementals: the Varua ino.

A Corpse in a Terrible Frenzy

A past Bishop of Liberia gives us an eye-witness account of a restless corpse determined to find her murderer.

A Patting Round the Bed: A Persistent Apparition

The frequent appearance of a “dead” woman to her sister and other persons, including a clergyman, over the course of several years. The ghost was also remarkably physical, dragging her child out of bed and shoving her former husband into the street.

Phantom Automobiles

I stated recently in my post on the skeleton driver of Old Route 40 that phantom automobiles are a rare category in the spectral spectrum. I’m here to (marginally) prove myself wrong with a couple of tales from the United States.

The Spirit Stalker of Emma Hardinge Britten

Spiritualist Emma Hardinge Britten tells of a terrifying phantom stalker who could apparently project himself through time and space.

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