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Jimmy Squaretoe, Devil or Fairy?

Jimmy Squaretoe, Devil or Fairy? Jimmy Squaretoe, the little man in leather, made himself right at home with a family in New Hampshire.

The Devil in the Nightcap

The Devil in the Nightcap A Welsh woman sees a devilish apparition who insists that she unearth an object from a wall behind her house, then levitates her to a bridge where she is directed to drop it into the river.

Weekend Compendium: 20 February 2016

Weekend Compendium: 20 February 2016 brings you the week’s posts: the Witch of Leadville, eye-lash history, the ghost of a living woman, a discontented and destructive daemon, as well as creepy crawlies in hair and jungle.

Some Discontented Daemon

Some Discontented Daemon torments a young servant in 17th-century Devon with shredded clothes, apparitions, bodily contortions, and levitation.

The Case of the Jitterbug Coal

In March of 1944 a remote schoolhouse in North Dakota suddenly went mad–books and papers mysteriously combusted, a phantom attacker left threatening notes, and coal began popping like popcorn out of the scuttle. The children claimed a “pixie” was behind it all….

Polt or Possessed on Prince Edward Island?

A young Canadian girl is followed by mysterious rappings and fires. No, it’s not Mary Ellen of Antigonish–the case occurs a decade earlier and her family swore they saw her levitate.

A Whiskey-Drinking Devil Visits Mr Guppy

Samuel Guppy, husband to medium Agnes Nichol Guppy, was an ardent advocate of Spiritualism. When the famous American mediums Ira and William Davenport came to England to spread the truths of that religion, a session with Ira brought a naughty devil to Guppy’s door.

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