Past Praying For – Something Sinister in a Field

Past Praying For – Something Sinister in an Irish Field Sinister encounters with bizarre and fiery animals in an Irish field.

Weekend Compendium: 6 January 2016

Weekend Compendium: 6 January 2016: The Ladies’ Man, A Fluttering in the Vault, A Woodsy Costume (barking), Begotten by a Ghost, Hairdressing for the Dead.

Creature Feature: The Mexican Mine Monster

A missionary who lived for years in Mexico tells of a terrifying encounter with something giant and snake-like in a Guerrero mine.

Creature Feature: The Goat Man

Today we look at two accounts of goat-men, one in Windsor Great Park; the other, a satyr-sighting near Wemyss Castle in Scotland.

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