Weekend Compendium: 6 January 2016

Weekend Compendium: 6 January 2016: The Ladies’ Man, A Fluttering in the Vault, A Woodsy Costume (barking), Begotten by a Ghost, Hairdressing for the Dead.

Creature Feature: The Mexican Mine Monster

Creature Feature: The Mexican Mine Monster A missionary who lived for years in Mexico tells of a terrifying encounter with something giant and snake-like in a Guerrero mine.

Creature Feature: The Goat Man

Today we look at two accounts of goat-men, one in Windsor Great Park; the other, a satyr-sighting near Wemyss Castle in Scotland.

Creature Feature Encore: The Stamford Wildman: A Berkshire Scare of 1861

In 1861, on a slow-news day, a journalist scribbled a story about a wildman. Suddenly people began reporting encounters with the tall, hairy creature. Was it a hermit, a wendigo, a lunatic, an idiot, or a true monster?

Creature Feature: Something Between a Dog and a Calf

Creature Feature: Something Between a Dog and a Calf Today’s creature is the Black Dog. Called by a variety of names: Black Shuck, the Barghest, Trash, or Padfoot, the names shift with the location, reflecting the creature’s Trickster-like ability to assume first one animal form, then another, usually something canine or calf-like. Let us see what was haunting a lane near New Milford in Pembrokeshire in the years 1890-92.

A (Tail) Flap of Mermaids

We are coming to the end of the traditional Silly Season. Last year I did a post on popular images of sea serpents from vintage newspapers. This year, we move on to an equally popular Silly Season topic: mermaids, as seen in newspapers and book illustrations.

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