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Weekend Compendium: 6 January 2016

Weekend Compendium: 6 January 2016: The Ladies’ Man, A Fluttering in the Vault, A Woodsy Costume (barking), Begotten by a Ghost, Hairdressing for the Dead.

Mourning Becomes Elective: Musings on mourning customs

Mourning becomes elective Some musings on Victorian mourning customs, historic calls for funerary reforms, and a modest proposal for a return to formal mourning.

A Bum-roll, Please – Victorian Bustle Humor

A Bum-roll, Please – Victorian Bustle Humor Victorian costume humor. Like most fashions, bustles were ridiculed, caricatured, and exaggerated. Here are several examples of bustle humor and a thrilling episode from the history of wardrobe malfunctions.

Poisoned Stockings: Something Was Afoot

Poisoned Stockings Something strange was happening in the 1870s: fashionable people were being poisoned by their stockings. What went wrong and who was responsible?

A brief introduction to the Killer Budgie blog.

I’m delighted to welcome you to the Killer Budgie blog. Some of you may know me as a writer of books on Ohio ghosts. Other friends know of my interest in history. Or perhaps you have overheard at the lunch counter my cheerful conversations with friends about the best ways to administer poison undetected or Murderesses I Admire.