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Hello, I’m Chris Woodyard, author of the Haunted Ohio series, which includes Spooky Ohio: 13 Traditional Tales, Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Haunted Ohio (August, 2000) and Haunted Ohio V: 200 Years of Ghosts, written for Ohio’s Bicentennial in 2003. My newest series has just begun with The Face in the Window: Haunting Ohio Tales. It will be followed with The Headless Horror: More Haunting Ohio Tales and The Ghost Wore Black: Ghastly Tales from the Past.

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  5. Find out how your students can collect local ghost stories and publish their own ghost book.
  6. Download my biography, as well as an interview, which answers many questions young people frequently ask, to share with your students.
  7. Download a bibliography of ghost stories especially suited for young people.
  8. Find a list of activities you can use with young people, based on the Haunted Ohio and Spooky Ohio books.
  9. Learn why we should read ghost stories.
  10. Download my advice for young writers.
  11. Find a list of haunted Ohio sites you can visit.

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Happy Hauntings!

Chris Woodyard